World Economic Forum’s 2016 Global Risks Report discussed at Davos

The report, undertaken for the past 11 years with the Wharton Risk Management Center, relates opinions of 750 experts who assessed 29 …

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Dr. Erwann O. Michel-Kerjan (EMK) is an authority on managing the (emerging) risks, the financial impact and the business and public policy challenges/opportunities associated with risk taking, from day-to-day decisions made under stress to dealing with truly catastrophic events and the critical role that insurance plays in economic growth and resilience.

What is a catastrophic event? Any extraordinary occurrence capable of inflicting severe human, economic or reputation losses to you as a person, to an organization or to a country. Think bad strategic decisions, but also external shocks such as natural disasters, terrorist threats, cyber-attacks, pandemics, financial and economic upheavals you now need to build resilience to …

Originally from Brittany in France (Celtic name), trained in mathematics, he completed his PhD in economics and finance in 2002 at age 26, then joined the Wharton School (Philadelphia, PA – USA), one of the world’s premier business schools. He teaches in both the Wharton MBA and executive programs and serves as Executive Director of the Wharton Risk Center, a pioneering research group established 30 years ago.

Named a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum (Davos) — “an honor bestowed to recognize and acknowledge the most extraordinary leaders of the world under the age of 40” — EMK has worked with businesses, heads of state and senior policymakers, international organizations and foundations on how to build resilience against those events and develop innovative solutions that create value. Since 2008 he chairs the OECD Secretary-General Board on Financial Management of Catastrophes, which advices the Finance Ministries of the 34 OECD member countries and the G20.

Award-winning author, EMK has given over 150 invited keynotes and public speeches (represented by the Lavin Agency in New York).

His view of the future is simple: the world will see more and more of these unprecedented events, devastating catastrophes. As the last 15 years have clearly proven to be the case, we –as individuals, companies, society– need to completely re-think the way we approach these questions.
His mission is to help us think more clearly about the answers.

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