Haiti Earthquake, One Week After: Post-Disaster Economic Recovery Will Be Key (Jan. 2010)

Although many thought in the following hours after the quake hit that “only” thousands could have been killed, it is now clear that hundreds of thousands died in what remains one of the most devastating catastrophes to hit this small country of 9 million people. The lack of preparedness and coordination of crisis management capacities […]

World Economic Forum’s 2010 Global Risk Report

January 14, 2010: Release of the Global Risk Report 2010 Warnings of the long shadow of the financial crisis I’m pleased to announce the release of the 5th edition of the WEF GRR report. The result of extensive input throughout the previous year by experts from business, academia, and the public sector, Global Risks 2010 […]

2000s Was Indeed a Decade from Hell! (Dec. 2009)

TIME magazine recently declared “00’s: Decade from Hell”. For those of us who have been focusing on catastrophe-related topics, the years 2000-2009 have certainly been extraordinary. While many countries, citizens and corporations shared the burden of the decade’s extreme events, America has been hit on almost every front in the past 10 years: Bookended by […]