6th Edition – 2011 WEF Global Risk Report released!

Our 2011 Global Risks report is now released.


The World Economic Forum’s Global Risks 2011, Sixth Edition has identified economic disparity and global governance failures as central risks in the global risk landscape, exacerbating and driving a range of other risks.

The report identifies economic imbalances and unfunded liabilities as containing the seeds of potential future fiscal and financial crises and urges concerted coordinated action to manage them.

Global Risks 2011 highlights three risk clusters of particular concern: the relationship between illicit trade, crime, corruption and state fragility; a set of interconnected risks tied to water, food and energy; and risks related to global macroeconomic imbalances.

You can watch the FULL VIDEO here.

Cross-Cutting Risks 1 (video): Economic Disparity & Global Governance Failures

Cross-Cutting Risks in focus 2 (video): The illegal economy nexus

Cross-Cutting Risks 3 (video): The water-food-energy nexus