Top Risks of the 2014 WEF Global Risks Report Are … (Jan 2014)

For its 9th edition, the GRR 2014 offers the following ranking of the top global risks: In terms of likelihood 1) Income disparity 2) Extreme weather events 3) Unemployement and underemployement 4) Climate change 5) Cyber attacks In terms of impacts 1) Fiscal crises 2) Climate change 3) Water crises 4) Unemployement and underemployement 5) […]

Dr. Erwann Michel-Kerjan is appointed Executive Director of the Wharton Business School’s Risk Management Center. (Dec 2013)

Dr. Michel-Kerjan was appointed to this new position in December 2013, after 7 years as the Managing Director of the Wharton Risk Center. More information about the Wharton Risk Center’s activities at

World Economic Forum’s Global Risk Report to be released on Jan 16, 2014. What Risks Top the Ranking this Year?

For the 9th consecutive year Dr. Erwann Michel-Kerjan and his team at the Wharton Business School are partners of the World Economic Forum (Davos) for the annual Global Risks Report 2014. The report looks at over 30 of the most important risks that can have global impacts in environmental, societal, economic, geopolitical and technological areas. […]