Publication of The Irrational Economist (January 2010)

TIEbookcover The Irrational Economist: Making Decisions in a Dangerous World is released this month from Public Affairs Press (New York and London).

A book for everyone. At a time of immensely consequential choices, it has never been more important to make the right decisions. But how can we be sure we are not making fatal mistakes? How can we make sure we can trust the tools, models, and methods we use to make our decisions?

The Irrational Economist aims to shed light on some important developments in decision making that have occurred in economics and other social sciences over the past few decades, including some of the most recent discoveries.

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Of the twenty most costly catastrophes since 1970, more than half have occurred since 2001. Is this an omen for the twenty-first century? Most likely. As TIME magazine’s cover in December 2009 titled: “00’s: A Decade from Hell”. How should we behave in this new, uncertain, and more dangerous environment? Will our actions be rational or irrational? And, what does irrationality actually mean?

The Irrational Economist tackles head-on the issues affecting us when we need to make decisions both in our day-to-day lives and in the face of catastrophic threats such as natural disasters, climate change, technological accidents, financial crises, and human malevolence, which have occurred at an accelerating pace recently.

Distilling the best knowledge from decision sciences, behavioral economics, neuroscience, psychology, management, insurance, and finance, some of the world’s leading pioneers in these fields, including several Nobel laureates, introduce the latest discoveries and thinking that might help us to get our decisions right. The Irrational Economist also challenges the role of economists and other social scientists in guiding actions—from individual choices to the most consequential societal policy shift.

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