Japan: More than 10,000 deaths (most likely) (March 14, 2011)

It’s now around noon time on Tuesday in Japan. As of today, it seems more and more likely that the number of victims from the 9.0 magnitude quake (revised from 8.9) and tsunami will be more than 10,000. While the number of official deaths is still at about 3,000 (according to the authorities), the number of people missing is alarming high.
Experience from several other large-scale disasters (2004 tsunami in South-East Asia, Haiti earthquake) is a sad indicator of what Japanese will be facing in terms of human loss. Today, the priority should be on reaching out to potential survivors and to making sure the protection of the nuclear reactors remains solid.
When the crisis time has passed, managing the economic and social impact of this tragedy will take priority on the agenda of the top officials, CEOs of multinationals and citizens. I will continue to write here on a daily basis. EMK