Large NBER Conference on Catastrophe Risks. May 11 & 12, 2012. Cambridge, MA

Every 10 years or so the US National Bureau of Economic Research gathers together top thinkers and practitioners on catastrophe risks for a special 1.5 day event to highlight cutting edge research in the field.

* What are the key challenges and opportunities posed by extreme events today?
* What have we learned in recent years and what still needs more research on in the coming years?
* How do we transfer new knowledge from leading research institutions to the business world and the public sector?

Who is organizing it? This time I’m pleased to co-organize that event with Ken Froot at Harvard and Howard Kunreuther at Wharton.
When? Friday May 11 and Saturday morning May 12.
Where? Le Méridien Hotel Cambridge-MIT
Who? Leading thinkers and practitioners.
Why? To take stock of what top research institutions have produced in terms of new knowledge in the past 10 to 15 years.

Program? We have a fantastic group of speakers. The full program is accessible online on the NBER website: LINK 2012 NBER Catastrophe Risks – Pre-conference registration is needed.