May 22 at Carnegie Hall: Art for a Purpose (May 2011)

In March 2011, Mother Nature gave us her worst in Japan — the most devastating series of cascading disasters seen in our lifetime. The disaster was not just another earthquake (Japan has seen many, given its geography). It was such an extremely powerful earthquake that only a few have been recorded with higher intensity in recent history. It was a monster quake. The resulting tsunami created waves as high as 100 feet (or 30 meters) – the equivalent of a 12-story building. Over 25,000 people were killed or are still missing from this tragedy.

Two months have now passed since the Japanese disaster. Most of the international media have moved on to other crises, to other stories. Japanese mourn their loved ones. But they also want to move on. They have to.

This is the idea, too, of Katya Grineva, an extraordinarily talented pianist who will perform at Carnegie Hall on Sunday May 22 in memory of the victims the Japanese earthquake. Notably, this will be her 12th concert at Carnegie Hall. Part of the proceeds will go to those families. This should be a positive counter-force to the images of an unstoppable tsunami.

As always, there should be so much upbeat energy coming from her music flying in the Stern Auditorium that night: Art for a purpose.

More about the concert at: LINK