OECD HQ, Dec 5, 2012. Terrorism Risk and Insurance Markets.

Second OECD International Conference on Terrorism Risk and terrorism Insurance Markets – Paris, France – December 5, 2012

How is the terrorism threat evolving today? Are organizations preparing for this risk? Do current insurance solutions adequately answer the needs of market players in an ever-changing risk context? What is the future of temporary national terrorism insurance programs?

After the success of the first OECD conference on terrorism risk insurance, this meeting is meant as an attempt to cope with these questions and review the current status of terrorism risk insurance programs and markets in different countries. It will also provide a neutral forum for policy dialogue on current and emerging challenges for the heads of terrorism insurance programs worldwide and decision makers from the public sector, industry (insurers, reinsurers, brokers, risk modelling firms, risk managers) and leading research institutions.

This invitation-only conference is organised under the aegis of the OECD High Level Advisory Board on the Financial Management of Catastrophes, in cooperation with the Australian Reinsurance Pool Corporation.

Following the events of September 2001, the OECD had developed a large portfolio of activities on the financial management of terrorism risk. The first international conference on terrorism risk insurance was organized in 2010. Today, two thirds of the 34 OECD Member countries rely on the insurance market to manage terrorism risk, as nearly all non-member countries. One third of them have established a national terrorism insurance program to financially cover possible economic consequences of future terrorist attacks. Some of these schemes are very recent, such as the Danish terrorism insurance scheme created two years ago. Some are set to expire in the coming years unless renewed, and will thus be assessed. Meanwhile, recent geopolitical events impact the terrorism threat at local and global level. It is time for a new review.

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