Very intense quake hit Chile (February 2010)

A More infor about Chile quake:

Keep in mind that the Richter scale on which one measures the intensity of a quake is not linear (that is a 9 magnitude quake is nowhere comparable to a 8 or 7 magnitude; it is hundreds times more devastating).
As a reference point the 2004 large Indian Ocean quake in December 2004 was of 9.1 magnitude.

Quick take aways:

– Chile quake is the 5th most intense quake since 1900 (the largest was a 9.5 magnitude event that struck Chile in 1960, causing 1,655 fatalities)
– Tsunami is expected
– Death toll unclear at that time, probably in the thousands.
– Conception, second largest city of the country, is severely hit.
– Chile is much better prepared to deal with such an event than Haiti was

I will keep you updated as more information arrives.

More info on CNN live-Click here: